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Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones
6 months ago

There are immense number of benefits after rooting your Android phone. You are free to try any Custom Roms, remove stock Apps, hack games and trying to manipulate them and much more.

So I guess you have got enough idea what this post is about. So if you don’t have a rooted phone, then you should consider rooting your Android phone first. You can find rooting tutorial for your Android phone by surfing XDA Forums. So let’s start with out list of best rooted apps without a second now to do best rooted apps for hacking wifi.


Dolby Digital –

Dolby Digital is an Application which is very unique. What it actually does that it improves the sound quality of your Android and from sound quality I mean to say that whatever task in your Android which has sound will be enhanced significantly. The list includes almost everything like games, videos, songs, background music or even Ringtones and caller-tunes will be clarified in terms of quality and sound modulation.

The Application sounds weird, but as far I am concerned it definitely one of the top 5 best Root Apps. A Rooted phone can enhance the quality and working of this Application up to a great extent.

. Xposed Framework –

Xposed Framework is an Application which can be very useful if you want to make your Android look and always different at the same time. You can give different looks to your Android without even installing different ROMs. From Visual modification, button revamping, theming, UI and performance tweaks the list goes on but never ends there is everything for everyone in this Application.

All you have to find that the modification is available for your device or not and it can be a bit difficult sometimes but you will definitely find a better option.

. Lucky Patcher –

Lucky Patcher is an Application which is very handy these days because it does multiple tasks. At first, it works as very good Ad blocker which will let you prevent your Android from Annoying Ads and re-directions. At second it breaks different Apps from Android Market License Confirmation or other Confirmations for the applications.

The app has been developed by Developer Chelpus. For Rooted Android phones, this Application works very well. The effectiveness of the Application can be noticed very shortly after it’s installation.

. Trickster Mod –

Trickster MOD is an Application which contains some great and useful features. It is similar to Xposed Framework with dame kind of features and modifications but with different twists. In your Android Rooted phone, you can use both the Applications for the same tasks at different times, which means you will get more tweaks and modulations to make your Smartphone look awesome.

You can do amazing things using by using both the Applications and guys this is for sure that the Applications are worth giving one install.

. WiFikill –

WiFi Kill can stop all the active connections connected in the same network. Which means it will stop your WiFi connection being misused by traitors. So, if someone is using your Internet and breaking down your Speed, then you can kill their network forever to use your WiFI connection fully.

For Rooted Android phones, this Application can be considered blessing because it can save a lot of your money which is being spent on the internet.

. Android ID changer –
As the name suggests from using Android ID changer, you can generate multiple Android IDs to be used. You can make Android Id of your choice. Thus you can fool may Apps because most the Apps detects us by their Android IDs. This Application has one another use that it can be used as a backup and restore App so, you can use it to save the Android IDs you create. For Rooted Android users this Application is a must have.

. XmodGames –

This Application will only work if your phones a Rooted one. The Application is excellent for all the gamers out there. If you’ve got a good rooted Android phone, then you can improve the quality of the games which you have installed in your Android.

The VFX and SFX which are the most important part of any game will definitely improve significantly. Xmod Games has supplied mods, plugins as well as increasing function for various warm games. The App has a feature that encounters each and every aspect of the game. So next time you win a round you have to thanks, Xmod games for that.

. Disk Digger –

Disk Digger can become a life savior for you because this Application can do what you can never imagine. It has ability restore all the photos you have deleted from your Android. Photos are most important memories for everyone in this world. The Application is running out an experiment feature from which you can also retrieve your deleted videos.

Furthermore, this Application will only run in Rooted phone.

. HiFont –

HiFont is another Application which is related to looks of your Android smartphone. The App has a collection of hundreds different fonts available in different colors and shades. You will be avail to provide different looks to your smartphone everyday. The collection is in huge number, thus you will never get bored from HiFont.

Again for this App root is compulsory but if you are using phones of Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung than you don’t need any root in your Smartphone.

Thus, were 14 Applications of my choice which can be considered best Root Apps for Rooted Android. Every Application mentioned definitely deserves a try.

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